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About me

My name is Scott Baker and I started this site 09/1999.  I was born on Feb 12, 1975 and I started playing tennis when I was 14.  I started playing tennis with some friends just for fun.  Soon after, I started taking lessons from the local pro.  My freshman year of high school I tried out for the tennis team.  I made the team, kinda.  I was dead last.  I did not even make the reserve team, but I did make exhibition.  I continued to take lessons and played for about 3 to 4 hours a day.  My last 2 years of high school I played #2 (junior year) and #1 (senior year) on varsity.  At that point I had been playing as many tournaments as I could, and usually did pretty good in most of them, winning some.

I went to college at Kent State in Ohio for their Architecture program.  Unfortunately they did not have a tennis team.  I ran the tennis club they had there for 1 year, and played in all the Kent State tennis tournaments.  I am proud to say that I stayed undefeated all 5 years in all of those tournaments.  The tournaments were held each semester, sometimes I played singles, and sometimes I played singles, doubles, and mixed doubles.  While at school I helped several people with their game, I pretty much gave free lessons.  It was at this point I found out how much I enjoyed helping other people with their tennis game.  I also tried to help coach the local high school tennis team with what time I had.

After 12 years of professional practice I own my own Architecture firm in Central Ohio.  I still play tennis but not as often as I would like, but I am working on that!  I have two daughters and a son who all take up some of my time, and oh yes, I have a wife too and she has started playing tennis about 2 years ago.

I started this site to help others play better tennis.  As the site gets bigger there are more resources that become available for you to help you improve your game.  This site is fun for me to work on, but most of all I hope that you get a great deal from it.  I love to get your e-mail questions about tennis or about the site.  If you have any comments on the site I would love to hear them.  If there is something you would like to see please let me know.  This is not a site for me, it is a site for you.  So invest time into your site and tell me what would benefit you the most!

Thx for stopping by, and I hope that you come back!

Good Luck on the Court!!!
Scott Baker
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