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Wet Anger
by BVM

It was, and still is one of the funniest things I have ever seen in tennis.  We were playing in the sectionals of a 9.0 Mixed doubles format.  There are 3 teams on a team and whoever wins 2 of the 3 matches, is the winning team.  Well, we were tied at one match each and the final match was in the third set.  So there were a number of people watching and it was rather tense.  On a rather long and great point, with both teams making some terrific shots.  The man on my team had a very easy volley at the net.  Unfortunately he missed it.  It hit the top of the net and fell on his side.  In a sudden reaction of anger and disappointment he picked up the ball, turned to hit it into the baseline fence.  The only thing is, he missed!  It went sailing over the fence and into the swimming pool.  Embarrassed, he turned and apologized to their opponents again and again, (this was out of character for him) It was humorous now, but it gets better!  After his apologies he slowly walks back to return serve.  He is trying to get his composure back and sets up to receive serve.  Just as the server is starting his motion, here comes a tennis ball returning over the fence and BAM!!  Right on the top of his head!  With water splashing all over him.  He hesitated for a second and then just started laughing!! Everyone that was also watching joined in!!  It was FUNNY!  He said it was well deserved and they went back to playing.  But it certainly did lower the tension for everyone!  And everyone had a great laugh about it.  I know I'll never forget it.