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The Buckster's "Pacific Coast Championship" Results
by Buck Eilers

Coming into the tourney as the #2 seed I felt that playing one less match would be a plus.Playing four matches in three days can be tough for anybody.

My first opponent was a 25 year old guy named Shawn.I had come out to the courts the day before an spied on him a little and I thought I could get by him fairly easily if he were to be my first opponent.Well I found out that the kid was out partying hard on Thursday night so that is why his Friday match made him look as like he wasn't very good.He actually was better than I had thought taking me to a 4-4 in the first before I closed him out 6-4.The second set proved to be a little more difficult.We battled it out to a tie breaker and the tie breaker was brutal 10-8 victory for the Buckster.That first 2 set match took just over two hours which is kinda long for two sets.

We had a hour and a half to kill before the second match so I had a light lunch with my wife and her girlfrind.(Both are knockouts)I changed all my clothes which really made me feel fresh and ready going into the semi finals.

My opponent was another 25 year old named Jeff who had only lost 1 game in his first two matches so I knew it was gonna be tough going.In our warm up I noticed he had really powerful pace so I was a little intimidated right out of the box.He jumped on me quick in the first and before I knew it he was up 1-5.I looked over at my wife and she gave me a little shoulder shrug like What's up?At that point I told myself if I was going to loose I was gonna go down swingin!I reeled off six games in a row and beat him 7-5 in the first.It gave me a huge amount of confidence and it really had him asking himself what the heck just happened??

In the second set even though he was hitting allot of winners he was double faulting his share and keeping me in the set.I had him 5-4 in the second and could just not close him out and he beat me 7-5.

In the third and final set we were both getting tired and when the score was 4-3 my ad both of my calf's started to cramp.I called for a injury time out and pulled the icey hot out of my bag and gooped a handful on both calfs.Shortly after my calf's were on fire and it revitalized me enough to go the distance.At 5-4 his quads started to cramp up and he had to take a time out because he was having trouble just walking!I was thinking at that point DEFAULT! DEFAULT! But he sucked it up and fought back to take it to a tie-breaker.he really had his way with me in the tie-breaker and beat me 7-3.

I was a very tough match and still today Monday I'm feeling the effects.And since I had tickets to the Chargers Jets game Sunday it didn't bother me that I didn't make it to the final.Matter a fact I betting that Jeff probably didn't win in the finals because it took everything he had to beat me.

Well that's my story and I'm stickin to it,the end.