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Drills for Ground Strokes
Author Web Site
001 Rallying Deep Scott Baker Tennis4you
002 Crosscourt / Down-the-line drill. Scott Baker Tennis4you
003 Down the Line / Down the Line Scott Baker Tennis4you
004 Cross Court / Cross Court Scott Baker Tennis4you
005 Short Ball Feast Scott Baker Tennis4you
006 Lob vs. Lob Scott Baker Tennis4you
007 Attacking the weak second serve Scott Baker Tennis4you
008 Approcah shot drill Scott Baker Tennis4you
009 Forehand/backhand John the Coach none
010 Buddies/Rivals Tal Green none
011 Zig-Zag Drill Scott Baker Tennis4you
012 Cross Court Return of Serve Scott Baker Tennis4you
013 Reverse-Crosscourt Groundies and Volleys Kathy Krajco Operation Doubles
014 Approach Shot Drill Kathy Krajco Operation Doubles
015 Double-Time Approach Shot Kathy Krajco Operation Doubles
016 Angle Shots Ben Johnson none
017 Groundstroke placement Dan L. Salinas none
018 Low Ball Toss Stacy Haines Lady Jaguar Tennis
019 The Spanish Fighting Drill Tomaz Mencinger TennisMindGame
020 Threes Tomaz Mencinger TennisMindGame
021 Two in a Row Tomaz Mencinger TennisMindGame
022 Successive Points Count More Tomaz Mencinger TennisMindGame
023 100 Cosmin Miholca WebTennisDrills.com

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